Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Option Bot Review | Is Team) SCAM or Good?

Option Bot by Team is the real facts exposed about Business / Investing : Foreign Exchange. You can read Option Bot Review for details information, so you will understand if this product is genuine or Option Bot Scam.Consider the following Option Bot Review...

Option Bot Review

Option Bot Review

Option Bot - The worlds most accurate binary options robot for currency pairs. In the video above you would have already seen the true power of Optionbot, by making $1622 profit in just 45 minutes.

So what is OptionBot and what can it mean for you?

OptionBot took over a year to develop, and provides you, the user with accurate real time financial data feeds so that you can make more winning trades on a regular basis.

No other software even comes close to the power of OptionBot and if you follow these 3 simple steps, you too will see just how effective this software is :

1. Download and launch the Software and enter your login code, this will be emailed to you whilst you are downloading the software. Once you’ve logged in set the software to M15 and 0.030 exactly like I have in the image below.

2. Launch the trading platforms by clicking”Select Platform” drop down menu as shown in the image below. When you select a platform it will launch in the option bot built in browser. It’s recommended that you open accounts with all 5 platforms and make a deposit at each one, so that you are ready to react to trade advice instantly. You can open just 1 account if you so choose, but this will lower the amount you can make each hour. At the very least I’d recommend opening at least 2 trading accounts to see the full benefit. Remember, the earnings will go up very quickly, and you don’t want to miss a trade because you have exceeded your trading limit.

3. Minimize the OptionBot window and wait for an alert. As soon as you get an alert, you need to act very quickly, and place a trade on that currency pair in the OPPOSITE direction with no more than 25% of your trading balance. These settings are very high, 0.030 is the equivalent to 300 PIPS this is a massive jump in currency terms, especially over 15 minutes. By placing these trades based on alerts from the above parameters it would be highly unlikely that you would lose a trade. Remember, Option Bot tells you what HAS happened, so when you place a trade, place it in the OPPOSITE direction. That being said, Option Bot does not guarantee that you will win 100% of the time, but after using the software yourself for a few days, you will start to think that it does.…Option Bot Best Review site

Creator Name: Team
Official Website:
Product Feature: 60 days Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

And don't worry Option Bot is Not a Scam, because Team protecting all the buyers with 100% money back guarantee to their product, The owner will be shouldering all the risk so you will be safe to try this..

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